I placed an incorrect order which has been dispatched already / received by me.
Unfortunately AdMaths Retail cannot be held accountable for these orders. You are welcome to sell them to other AdMaths clients.
What does it mean if my order states 1-2 days delivery?
Dispatch days will start when the parcel is dispatched not from the order date.
Who can I contact in regards to my parcel?
Once your order has been completed:
in the admin division you will receive an email from Prime Time Express with all the details. Once you receive this email you deal with them directly at admathsretail@ptexpress.co.za

Before your order is completed:
You can email info@admathsretail.co.za


What is the banking details?
AdMaths Retail account:
FNB Account ending xxxx1396.
Details are on the invoice you receive.
Please make sure you transfer into the correct account.
Courier cost
We have two courier fees. City Centers and far off areas. The fee will be calculated on check out in regards to your delivery address.
How do I track my order?


CALL US: 021-9810595

TRACKING YOUR PARCEL: admathsretail@ptexpress.co.za

GENERAL OR ORDER ENQUIRIES: info@admathsretail.co.za