How to place an order

Helpful info

  • Preferably please use Firefox or Chrome for placing an order.
  • Your order is only finalized once you have received an order number (eg: #500) on your screen and via email.
  • Use your order number as reference for payments. AdMaths student numbers are not incorporated in this site.
  • Always check your spam / junk mail folders for emails if you have not receive an email.

Steps to follow

  1. Browse over the shop page.
  2. Select your language category.
  3. Select your grade.
  4. Click add to cart
  5. You will find your product in your shopping cart at the top right (trolley on the blue bar)
  6. Click on the trolley
  7. Click on proceed to checkout
  8. Add your address.
  9. Add the student number and special notes Eg: deliver before 17:00 in the ORDER NOTES block. 
  10. Select your payment option
  11. Click on place order.
  12. You will receive your order number on screen and via email.

Registering | Ordering as a guest

  • Registered shoppers:

    You can purchase all products
    You don’t have to re-enter your address every time.

  • Guest shoppers:

    You will not be able to buy virtual
    You will not be able to buy downloadable products.
    You will not be able to view your orders on your dashboard
    You will not be able to buy locked products
    You will have to re-enter your address every time you shop.


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